About Us - Phil-Love.com

We are Reylita & Stephan and with PHIL-LOVE we want to help you find your partner for life.

Due to our own experience as a German-Filipino couple, we know what you feel like and are able to understand the situation of our single men and women.

The idea for a serious and honest match making site, arose with a post on our personal blog: meet-the-philippines, where the question was asked: is it possible to build a serious relationship through a website?

Although a dating platform has a large selection of singles, it is usually only a few people who have serious intentions. In the worst case, those affected have wasted not only their valuable time and feelings, but also their precious money.

So that this does not happen to you, our personalized dating service helps you with everything; all the way to your first date in the Philippines, where you will meet your lovely Filipina.