Basic Package


With our basic package we want to help you to meet the woman of your dreams, in a simple and comfortable way.

Our service ensures that there are serious intentions on both sides, likely to lead to a long-lasting relationship or even end in a wedding.

Our services in the basic package:

  • Contact with 3 dream women
  • Personal support during the entire process.
  • Our service ensures that the two potential partners are serious and would like to get to know each other.
  • If desired, we can make an appointment for a phone consultation
  • You are provided with a guide booklet – containing all the important information for you for a smooth trip to the Philippines


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It is important to us not to give the impression that the women can be provided as in a catalog. All women are on a voluntary search for a suitable partner and we got to know each one personally, in a private conversations and meetings.

Our gallery provides you with a large number of women, which you can freely choose from.

If one of our ladies catches your interest, they can be shortlisted as desired. For this, the profile of the respective lady can be clicked and selected.

Of course, there is always the possibility to learn “more” about the ladies by simply contacting us. We can then give you more exciting details in a personal conversation to determine whether the selected lady is suitable for a private meeting.

The respective woman is saved in the wish list until the final decision. The preferred women can be added or removed. After you have reached the maximum number of women (10), click on the text box “Complete selection”. Since we only mediate ladies in a strictly confidential manner, a detailed partner check is carried out, where we also collect contact data for our customers. All this data is backed up and kept confidential at all times. We will never share any data with anyone else. Your selected women are informed of your interest and are shown your personal details and photos. After a relatively short period of consideration, we are informed whether a personal meeting can take place. However, you can always choose another woman, at any time, because our gallery is regularly updated with new women – just let us know. Further inquiries are therefore always possible and free of charge. If your selection has been successfully completed, the trip to the Philippines can be planned with our coordinator. The process of the upcoming meetings with the selected women who have already shown interest in you will be explained in detail. You will receive a comprehensive guide, which will inform you of all details, from your arrival at the airport in the Philippines and how you can get to your hotel or apartment from there. For the perfect process there is a fixed meeting point where the first meeting will take place. This has the advantage that e.g. a hotel cannot cause delays or misunderstandings. The meeting point is known to everyone involved and is very easy to reach. Your chosen women will appear on your schedule on time for the appointments. You are never alone and can, if necessary, use a local contact person. The contact details of your contact persons are listed in this very personal schedule. As soon as you have arrived in the Philippines, you can contact our staff early on. The Phil-Love team is well informed about your planning and will always be by your side if you have any questions.

Additional option – the gold package

On the day of the dates, in our gold package our employees will come to your hotel to take to your dates. It often happens that people who are in a foreign country for the first time want to be looked after with the necessary care. 

Additional option – a wedding according to international law in Hong Kong

If a wedding is to be planned, marriage in Hong Kong is highly recommended for many reasons. Due to the international agreement, a wedding in Hong Kong is internationally recognized by all government and authorities. This also means that when applying for Visas, it is a much easier process as you undeniably married.

We would be happy to support you with our wedding service of the same name “Marriage in Hong Kong”, to enable you to take full advantage of the Hong Kong marriage for couples from different countries.

Visa application for travelling for a reunion

If you are planning on having your Filipino loved one come visit you in your home country, then a visa must be applied for. Our partner service from Phil-Visa is the right contact for this. Feel free to ask us anytime.