Filipinas Are Open Minded, Kind And Loyal Women.

What’s so special about Filipinas?

A Filipina often looks quite similar to a Thai woman, however there are some key differences. Filipinas are generally more feminine and have wider hips. Additionally, many have a big romantic streak (and tend to drift off into the corny). Sexually, they are open minded and always open to try new things.

The other major advantage is, Filipinas speak fluent English! It is actually the Philippine’s official language and taught in school from a young age. Also, culturally, the differences to western men are minor; as Filipinas are Christian by faith and are well aware of the customs in the west. The influence from the Spanish colonies on the country, as well as the stationed US soldiers, helped a great deal in cross-cultural understanding.

Filipinas are Looking For a Man for Life

Aided by the fact that divorces are illegal in the Philippines, Filipinas are always looking for a man to share their life with. They are not out there to find a quick fling, or someone to pay for a better life. Therefore, it is not of such importance to them how wealthy or rich you are or may not be. This is a huge advantage, as it means Filipinas are not just looking for a sponsor but are honest and very family orientated. This is also visible in the way they care about the elderly in their families.

Individual service

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