How it works

Philippine Matchmaking:
Begin your journey to love

With our service, you have the opportunity to choose the type of woman you like yourself. To start the process, just contact us we will help you to get going. If you wish, we also arrange a get together for you and your chosen one, including flights and hotel bookings

This way, you can fully concentrate on your upcoming Rendezvous, to get to know an honest and loyal woman from the Philippines. Our service is highly valued by clients for our outstanding integrity, quality and professionalism.

We are your reliable partner for the Philippines, always by your side, helping you to find your dream woman.

Don’t waste your time and money on massive dating sites, chatrooms and alike

Thanks to our service, you do not need to spend endless time on sites like Tinder, chat rooms or dating agencies, full of fake profiles and exploiting women. Completely discrete, personalised and with an individual approach to each of our client’s needs. Even once we managed to help you find your love, we are still here and ready to assist you in any way possible.

Right from the start we begin with you telling us, what type of woman and personality traits you are looking for. Then we give you the possibility to choose one of several women that match your requirements.

In all cases, we provide you with individual advice and our personal guidance, based on years of our experience and having matched dozens of couples before you. We will provide you with our recommendations of women and make sure you find the one that’s perfect for you.

Setting you up on romantic dates

Once you feel that you found a Filipina you match with, a get together can be organized.

If the woman agrees, we will go ahead and set it up for you. This way we make sure that no dates are wasted and there is a mutual interest to meet each other.

We then provide you with a personal offer, keeping in mind all your wishes and preferences. This offer will entail everything you need to spend a promising and romantic evening with your selected Filipina.

To get to know a Filipina properly, we would recommend a longer stay in the Philippines. If you wish, you may meet more than just one Filipina during your stay, to increase the chances of finding the right one. Then, when you hopefully found a lovely lady, you have plenty of time to explore the beautiful Philippines and get to know your Filipina much better throughout your stay.

We are there to help you, not just with setting up dates, but also with the travel arrangements, hotel bookings and reservations in beautiful restaurants that we know personally. We know the Philippines really well and would be delighted to help you get to know the beautiful islands too. This way, you can relax and enjoy the holiday, whilst having amazing and perfectly set up dates to look forward to

Alternatively, the Filipinas can also be invited to Europe, the USA, or wherever you live. This way you can get to know them in your own surroundings. Of course, we will help as much as we can, no matter what way you prefer to meet your favourite ladies.