Premium Package


The Premium Package contains all basic package services, as well as: 

  • Contact and arranged dates in the Philippines with up to 4 fantastic women of your choice
  • Organization and arranging of up to 5 meetings with the selected women of your choice, whom are also interested in meeting you.
  • Presentation and introduction of the desired women by our local staff.
  • Once in the Philippines, it is also possible to get to know other women from our extensive catalogue of ladies. All of whom are educated, intelligent, pretty and have honest intentions to start a family.
  • Care / coordination during your stay.
  • If wished, providing you with a local cell phone for personal use during your stay.
  • We are available 24 hours a day and would be happy to help you with any queries during your stay.
  • Translators (if needed) during the first hour of your date
  • Personal support from our staff who will accompany you to the your date, if wished

Once we receive the positive responses from your ladies of choice, we will start to prepare your trip to the Philippines as well as the time and place for your dates.





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In the premium package, we will call you as well as provide you with a personalized guide booklet, to inform and explain you everything you need to know about your upcoming events and dates. The guide booklet further contains all the information to help you once you get to the Philippines, including travel advice, the addresses of your hotel or apartment, airport and transport information as well as our staff’s and the translators contact details.

Your chosen ladies want to meet you too!

The excitement is increasing and the next steps towards your first date can be taken!

In modern times, a Skype or Whatsapp meeting will take place, where you will be given the first opportunity to examine each other. As a rule, the Skype meeting lasts about 30-60 minutes. Communication takes place via a previously provided account, which is provided by Phil-Love. The contact details of the lady are not exchanged for data protection reasons.

Our team from “Phil-Love” plans the trip to the Philippines with you and ensures that the upcoming dates will run smoothly. We will provide you with a personal consultation, a detailed plan, a virtual assistant and even an emergency contact person. This will ensure that you are well prepared and have everything you need.

We are always close by if you need us, just a phone call or message away!

On arrival in the Philippines you can contact us if you need help finding your accommodation (hotel, apartment). You can reach us around the clock and we also have the possibility for you to participate in various leisure activities in the area, if you feel like it.

On the day of your dates, you will meet the selected women at different times / days. Since you have been waiting for this moment for a long time, you should take the time necessary to get to know the ladies in peace.

Experience has shown that a favourite is quickly found, but of course the other dates can still take place. If you have that the initial relationship should continue, you are free to decide how to proceed.

We also advise the newlywed couples in detail about future planning. Visa matters, in particular, can be very complicated with a Filipina. However, we possess the know-how to enable a future together. The Visa Service from Phil-Visa helps Filipino citizens get a visa to your desired country quickly and easy.

Upgrade to the Gold Package

 We give you the opportunity to upgrade your booked package to a Gold package at any time. Especially if you travelling to the Philippines and are meeting you FIlipina for the first time, we offer additional extras which will give you better chances for a lasting and serious partnership. 

Additional option – A wedding under international law with a visa

All Premium Package customers have the opportunity to marry their sweetheart from the Philippines at any time.

Through a cooperation we support couples from all over the world – quickly and easily – to get married in Hong Kong according to international law.

Our partner service “Marriage in Hong Kong” is not only responsible for a wonderful wedding.

Instead, it makes sure all administrative procedures are in place and adhered to, so that a visa can then be issued as soon as possible for the Filipina, following the wedding. You do not have to do any research yourself or leave anything to chance – you can rely entirely on our experience.

It is our pleasure to help you spend your future together, not apart. No matter where you are from, everyone should be allowed to live together if they wish.