Your Advantage

Why are so many Filipinas single or looking for western men?

For men from western countries, it is often not 100% clear why they are sought after by Philippines Women, or indeed, why they actually have such good chances with Filipinas.

As long as your heart is in the right place and you are an honest person, you have a really good chance of capturing the love of Filipinas.

Philippines men often struggle to fulfil a Filipina’s wishes or impress them, but western men do, due to their different lifestyle. And looks aren’t everything! They play a secondary role and are not as important to them as you might think! We help and guide you right from the start and will support your love journey throughout, as much as we possibly can!

Wish for kids? Big difference in age?
Usually not a problem!

You are looking for a woman to have kids with? Or someone a bit younger than yourself? With European or western women in general, this can quickly pose a problem. For Filipinas that’s not the case! They don’t mind if their partner is older. For them, the most important thing is that you are there for them when needed most.

Our service is the perfect opportunity for you to find a lovely woman to start a family, or simply share your life with. We will help you throughout the whole process and consider all your wishes and preferences. Rest assured, we will not give up until we have found your dream woman.

As a business originating from Germany, with partners from the UK, we offer the highest level of integrity, honesty and discretion. You, as our client, always come first for us. We are not some massive dating site, we offer a bespoke service, tailored to our client’s needs and desires.

We even go as far as helping you in organizing a trip to the Philippines, so you can get to know your potential new love. This includes hotel bookings, flights and setting up romantic dinners for just the 2 of you. Whether this is just to get to know one Filipina, or potentially 2 or 3, is completely up to you. We are here to give you the best chance possible to find the woman of your dreams.Given the Philippine’s characteristics, we organize all this only in places that we know and can vouch for, so you can rest assured you will have an amazing time whilst visiting one of Philippine’s beautiful 6000 islands.

Our recommendation:  Plan in a bit more time, so when you travel you don’t just get to know your date, but also the Philippines beauty and culture in general. This also signals to her that you care about her country, customs and values. A great way to start the romance

If for some reason it doesn’t work out, we will instantly help you to.